Almost half of Belgian managers don’t like to be a boss


A shocking 46% of Belgian managers indicate that they do not like being a boss. It also turns out that no less than 40% never received any management training.

This was revealed by a survey carried out by job site StepStone among 4422 Belgian employees and 1307 managers, in order to map out and understand the relationship between both groups.


4 in 10 Belgian managers never received any training

When asked about their training, it appears that 40% of the Belgian managers did not receive any managerial training at all.

For the 60% who did enjoy training, StepStone asked if they thought it to be effective or not. Of the interviewees who received training, 48% found it to be ineffective.

StepStone also checked when the training took place for those that stipulated that they’d received some. More than one third received their training either before or shortly after their start as a manager, while 14% would have to wait more than a year.

9% had to wait for their start as a manager at a new company. There were no significant differences between the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking managers. 

On the positive side, more than a quarter receive regular training sessions from their employer (26%) – regardless of when their first management training took place. We can assume that becoming a manager takes a toll and has a big impact on not only the manager’s, but also the employee’s life. Managerial training can help relieve the stress and potential anxiety that may often come with this function.

Only half like to be a boss

It is important to feel good and confident when exercising a managerial function. During the survey, StepStone examined how Belgian managers feel about their jobs. Behind the glamour of the title lies a potential taboo, it actually turns out that

  • only 54% of Belgian managers like to be a boss.

Not liking your position could of course lead to more severe consequences and some interesting finding in the results are that:

  • 14% regularly have nightmares about employees.
  • 11% already resigned because of an employee.
  • 6% have already looked for mental health help.

However, 62% positively mentioned that they had (at least) once indicated someone for a promotion & 10% of the Belgian managers said that they had already praised their employees on social media.


Most of the Belgian managers hired people without having received any recruitment training

No less than 93% of the managers have already hired someone. However, 72% of the managers surveyed did not receive any training for this.

That’s why they mainly counted on their own experience when recruiting new applicants. The 28% who could benefit from job application training, felt (well) prepared for their crucial role in the job interview.


StepStone completed this survey in October 2019. Our analysists have screened the data to ensure both the representation and the validity of respondents’ answers are accurate.

In total, there were 5,729 filled in surveys submitted in Dutch, French and English. Among them were 4422 employees and 1307 managers.

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