Job interview: what questions to expect?

Although all interviewers have their own particular methods, some questions frequently crop up in interviews. So it is easy to predict them and prepare your answers.


We have put together a list of classic questions to help you:
•      Describe your current position and your everyday tasks.
Take this opportunity to prove to them that you are exactly who they are looking for. Make sure you stress your current responsibilities which could prove relevant for the position for which you are applying. Applying for a completely different position? Do not hesitate to provide examples of skills or responsibilities which are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

•      What have you achieved in your professional career thus far?
If you have sufficient experience in a similar position, it should be easy enough to prove to your interviewer that you are the ideal candidate. If you are applying for a completely different position, do not hesitate to mention the different projects you have been involved in and use them to demonstrate the extent of your knowledge.

•      What are your aims or ambitions?
Explain your career plans to your interviewer and how you imaging your professional future to pan out. Make him believe in your ambitions, but don’t exaggerate and do be realistic.

•      Why do you want to change jobs?
This question can be difficult. If you are not satisfied in your current job, do not be afraid to say so. But avoid being negative about your colleagues or your boss.

•      Why are you interested in this new position?
Your reply should explain your motivation. Show that you are convinced you are made for this position. Look at the job description carefully and take note of the aspects which suit you well so you can talk about them during the interview.

•      How do you imagine the position you are applying for?
Explain your expectations based on the job description. Of course, you do not need to set out every single detail. We suggest that you talk about the aspects of the position which interest you the most.

•      Why would you like to work for this company?
If you want to work for the company because you like the product, you have heard positive reactions about the employer or for any other specific reason, don’t hesitate to mention them, it shows that you are genuinely interested in the company.

•      What do you know about our company?
Many companies expect applicants to be perfectly prepared and have a clear idea about their work. You don’t need to be able to go into everything in detail, but it is still important to show you are interested in their company. This is why we would recommend having a quick look at their company website or presentation.

•      How well do you work in a team?
It is important that the interviewers know what role you would play within a group. By explaining how you work with your colleagues you will give them a better idea of your personality.

•      What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Some companies will also ask you about your faults and qualities? Think about it in advance and be honest. Consider your positive and negative points within the framework of the position you are applying for. This question also crops up very often.

•      Tell us about yourself in a few words
You can also prepare perfectly for this question. Take a few minutes to explain the most important elements of your education and your experience. But do not simply list them, your interviewer already has your CV and will expect more detail. Take the opportunity to show them what makes you the perfect candidate. But keep focused on the elements which are relevant to the position you are applying for. You can also mention more personal information which could be of interest to the interviewer. It will allow them to form a clearer idea of your personality. However, make sure you do not exaggerate or tell them your life story.

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