Straight to the Moon

StepStone Belgium is in charge of recruiting 8 crew members for the first Belgian mission to the Moon!


April Fool’s! We won’t be sending anyone to the moon in 2023, but we can help you launch your career! 😉

We’re excited and proud to announce that StepStone Belgium has been selected as the official recruiter for the crew of the first ever private Belgian mission to the Moon that is set to take place in 2023!


How is this possible?

The first ever Belgian civilian mission to the Moon is possible thanks to a very generous Belgian benefactor who decided to use the fortune they made in the stock market to send 8 Belgians to space, for a perilunar flight (flight around the Moon). For privacy reasons, they prefer to stay anonymous.

As this is a civilian mission, anyone can participate* but the benefactor wants the crew to be chosen as objectively as possible. That’s why they have asked us at StepStone Belgium to use our recruitment and HR knowledge to take care of the recruitment of these 8 lucky Belgians.



This historical event will take place over the course of 6 days in 2023, including take-off, lunar flyby and landing. The applicants must be available throughout the course of 2022 for training. The exact date of the lift-off in 2023 is not set yet.

The mission is entirely free for the selected participants: training, equipment and resources will be provided.


How do you apply?

Come back to this page on April 2nd 2021 and take a good look at it. You might be asked to upload a video in which you tell us about:

⭐️ Yourself, who you are and what you do

⭐️ Why you want to be part of this mission

⭐️ What you could bring to it

⭐️ How you will be able to use this experience in the future.

This video must be filmed in a headstand position, this will help us evaluate your resistance to weightlessness.


Do you have what it takes?

⭐️ Be over 18 years old

⭐️ Fluency in English and French and/or Dutch (Martian is a plus)

⭐️ Must be capable of holding breath for at least 5 minutes

⭐️ Must be capable of jumping above 1,5 meter (for obstacles in the space ship)

⭐️ All applicants must be available throughout the course of 2022 for the necessary training. The training sessions will take place in Lenu, in Belgium where the Belgian Space Training Centre is located


Selection timing

⭐️ April 1st 2021: opening of the applications

⭐️ May 3rd 2021: applications closed

⭐️ July 1st – July 15th 2021: first round interviews

⭐️ August 2nd 2021: all selected candidates contacted

⭐️ August 16th – September 1st 2021: psychological and medical tests

⭐️ September 15th 2021: official crew selection announcement

*Please note that StepStone Belgium is only in charge of the recruitment process. The profiles of the selected candidates will be sent to the benefactor and organizing firms who have full decision power to accept them or not.