4 in 10 Belgians say their employer doesn’t take proper measures against corona virus


While 39% of Belgian employees feels like their management did not take the right measures against the spread of COVID-19, there is even less positive news, with 64% of respondents saying politicians did not take the right measures.

To inform and avoid misconceptions on this sensitive topic, StepStone did a study with almost 3000 Belgian employees to see how COVID-19 impacts daily work life.

Nota Bene: This information was collected on 12th of March, before further federal measures were announced. As the study is a snapshot of thousands of Belgian employees, this data is time sensitive and the situation may change.


For 96% of employees, the coronavirus is a (daily) topic at work

When asked whether they have been confronted by the coronavirus at work, 96% of Belgian employees says that the virus is currently a topic at work. Almost half of them (47%) confirmed this to be a daily returning subject, while for another 33%, it is even a permanent topic throughout the entire workday.


1 in 2 of Belgian workers is directly affected by COVID-19 at work

While it is a topic for basically everyone, it seems that only half are directly impacted by the virus outbreak. 51% of the respondents confirmed being affected, while another 4% fears that it will soon follow. The remaining 45% felt no impact for their day-to-day work.


Most Belgian employees are happy about information spread and measures by their employer – less so by politicians

According to 61%, their employer is taking the right measures – while 4 in 10 (39%) said the opposite. However, when asked about politics, only 36% of respondents say politicians are taking the right measures. 64% disagreed.

Generally speaking, the Belgian employee is equally happy about the way their employer informed them on COVID-19. 68% of the respondents felt well-informed by the spread of guidelines and information at work.


1 in 4 is being forced by employer to work from home; external events and business trips cancelled

A logical follow-up for the employees affected is of course how the coronavirus is impacting Belgian work life.

  • For 48%, projects and investments are being postponed by the employer.
  • For 45%, participation in external events (e.g. trade fairs, training courses) is prohibited.
  • For 39%, productivity is lower due to the coronavirus.
  • For 28, business trips to both affected and non-affected areas are being cancelled.
  • For 23% – almost 1 in 4 –, work from home is being obligated by the employer.
  • For 17%, supply bottlenecks at work are starting to show.

Other measures being taken are information spread (according to 80%), extra disinfectant sanitizer (41%) and following guidelines by the World Health Organization. However, more than 1 in 10 (13%) says no extra actions are being taken.


Belgians are worried about infections, shortages and economic impact

When asked about their current worries, three things came to light:

  • 64% is worried about getting infected.
  • 57% is worried about the economic impact on their employer.
  • 43% is worried about supply shortages (e.g. scarce food).



StepStone completed this survey on 12th of March 2020. Our analysists have screened the data to ensure both the representation and the validity of respondents’ answers are accurate. In total, there were 2,919 filled in surveys submitted in Dutch, French and English.


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