Tips for employer marketing with impact

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Companies just can’t get around it. If they want to attract and keep valuable talent, they have to commit to employer marketing. How? Stefaan Van Weverberghe, employer marketeer at Theme, gives us a clear explanation

So what is the right term, exactly: employer marketing or employer branding?

“Employer marketing is an umbrella term,” Stefaan Van Weverberghe explains. “Well-considered employer marketing covers a number of important aspects such as employer branding, recruitment communication and employee engagement.”

Did you know that corporate culture is the deciding factor for half of Belgian job candidates when they are choosing an employer? They check out the work-life balance, whether there are opportunities for teamwork and how the organisation communicates.

Embedding corporate culture in job descriptions

Employer branding happens all the time: in every contact that (potential) employees have with your organisation, you are building up a certain employer brand. That also has an impact on recruitment. “For example, if you put a job ad on a job site like StepStone, it is not enough simply to write out a basic job description and profile. Make sure the text also reflects your culture, so that the values, uniqueness and rationale of the organisation are tangible”, is Stefaan Van Weverberghe’s advice.

Reach candidates through the right channel

Careful consideration of the message a job ad communicates about your company is therefore more than worthwhile. It will attract candidates who are a better match for your corporate culture. What is more, it is also valuable to think carefully about the channel you will use to find the candidates you need. “Metrics are very important here,” Stefaan Van Weverberghe tells us. “Investigate where your candidates are located, what channels you can use to get your job to them, and also measure whether your assumptions are correct: does that channel actually bring in new candidates and recruits?”

Satisfied employees are not necessarily engaged

“Clearly, engaged employees are every organisation’s dream,” laughs Stefaan Van Weverberghe, “but did you know that only 17% of employees are engaged? Incidentally, that doesn’t mean that the other employees are unsatisfied. The difference is that satisfied employees are generally happy with what they get from the employer. Engaged employees are also prepared to give something back to the company. And that is why employees need to see and understand the big why: a clear vision on the part of the employer that employees can identify with.”

How do you spread that clear vision among your staff? You need internal communication that is honest and inspiring, and it also needs to reflect reality. Van Weverberghe explains: “Values in themselves are hollow terms. As an employer, you need to give them meaning so that they really come to life.”

How do you work on employee engagement? We are curious to hear about your insights!


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