Belgian employee considers quitting their job due to corona approach the most compared to other European countries


While the Belgian employee seems more eager to continue homeworking when compared to France & the UK, Belgium leads as #1 with employees wanting to quit their job due to the corona approach of their employer. On the StepStone platform, as well, there is a definite uplift in jobseekers.

Two weeks ago, the Belgian job board launched an internationally breaking news study on the current feeling of employees on their professional situation. Today, we have expanded this research with studies with over 15,000 participants in France, the United Kingdom, Austria & Germany.


More homeworking in France & Austria than in Belgium – remarkably less in United Kingdom

When asked if they could work from home during the corona crisis, Austrian respondents came out on top with more than half (54%) confirming this. In France, participants seemed split with 49% saying they can homework compared to 51% saying they cannot.

Belgium came out third with only 44% of employees being able to work from home versus 56% who couldn’t. Remarkably, the United Kingdom had the least number of employees who could work from home with a divide of only 31% versus 69%. This means a difference of 23 percent points between the UK & Austria on employees working from home.


More than half of Belgians want to continue homeworking versus only a quarter of employees in France and the UK

It seems German workers are the most eager to go back to the traditional workplace with 60% looking forward to the return. In the UK & Belgium, this was 50% & 47% respectively. French & Austrian employees were less eager with 42% & 36% respectively.

Additionally, there are also different feelings on homeworking per country. On the one hand, only a quarter of participants in the UK (23%) & France (25%) want to continue working from home. On the other hand, half of Belgian employees (52%) look forward to continued homeworking – with only Austria doing better at 64%.

The reasons for wanting to come back were similar across the board: interactions with colleagues (31%-48% across all markets with Austria at 65% as an outlier), general workplace dynamics (23-31%) & re-balancing work and life (26-56%).


More financial & mental problems in France & UK than in Belgium

When asked on the long-term impact of COVID-19 in three European countries, the United Kingdom experience the most problems, followed by France & then Belgium:

  1. The UK with 65% experiencing financial & 50% facing mental problems
  2. France with 48% experiencing financial & 41% facing mental problems
  3. Belgium with 37% experiencing financial & 28% facing mental problems

However, when asked on the future of work life, Belgian workers seemed most pessimistic – 75% think it will never be the same, versus 70% in France & 61% in the UK.


More Belgian employees than their French & British counterparts consider quitting their jobs

More than one in five (22%) of Belgian employees considers quitting their job due to how their employer approached and handled the corona crisis. Compared to the UK & France, this is the highest percentage – with their results being respectively 20% & 14%.


Substantial uplift in Belgian jobseekers due to corona crisis

While StepStone investigated employees considering quitting their jobs, the Belgian job platform also notices an uplift in recent numbers on people applying for a new job, with 1 job ad delivering on average 14 candidates for the recruiting company in May.

This number is not only an increase by +47% when compared to April, it is also higher than the same period last year, May 2019 (12 candidates on average per job ad).

Other crucial numbers have been growing as well. For May, there was an increase of +14% in visits to the website, compared to April. A likely reason – next to people quitting their jobs willingly – is the influx of new jobseekers following the still ongoing COVID-19 crisis.



StepStone completed this survey between 12th and 15th of May. As the study is a snapshot of thousands of employees’ current situation, this data is time sensitive and the situation may change. Our analysists have screened the data to ensure both the representation and the validity of respondents’ answers are accurate.

In total, there were 18,064 filled in surveys submitted by employees in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium & Austria.

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