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Jobs in Ostend are set in a seaside gem
Jobs in Ostend are a privilege for those lucky enough to work here. Known affectionately as the ""Queen of Seaside Resorts"" in Belgium, Ostend has a rich history on the lovely North Sea coast. Its location has always been the reason behind its successful economy, as many jobs in Ostend resulted from the large amounts of trade generated by sea, rail, and later air traffic in this transportation hub. In fact, its name comes from the Dutch ""Oostende"", a namesake from the time when the city was located on the ""east end"" of what was formerly an island. Today, many of the jobs in Ostend are involved in shipping and travel, including the Ostend airport, train station, and dockyards. Another major component of the Ostend economy is tourism, an industry that spawns numerous jobs in entertainment venues, restaurants and lodging establishments. Professionals interested in finding job openings in Ostend can find a varety of vacancies at StepStone, a job exchange tailored to the needs of white-collar employment seekers. Ostend is more than just an exciting place to work with a large mix of visitors, it is also a seaside haven. With fine, sandy beaches and a temperate climate, beachgoers can enjoy endless stretches of coastline. The promenade in Ostend goes past the former summer palace of the royal family, which now houses a hotel and casino where many visitors and locals gather after a day at their jobs."