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Controller & Process Analyst ad interim

Dixon & Company
  • Namur



  • Namen


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Jobs in Namur

Jobs in Namur offer a thriving business location in a picturesque setting. Straddling the Sambre and Meuse Rivers, Namur profits from the many jobs associated with a port city along the densest navigable network of waterways in the world, linking it with neighbouring countries. These rivers form the industrial core of this French-speaking Belgian region of Wallonia, spurring growth and jobs in Namur and surrounding cities. A number of the job openings in the region involve machinery, leather processing and porcelain, some of the more traditional niches. Many of the jobs in Namur are located in the industrial sector, although other service industries and the tourist branch also profit from the city's location near the extensive forests and hills of the Ardennes. For those seeking a smaller city with a high quality of life, jobs in Namur may be an ideal fit. With just over 100,000 inhabitants, this historic city has an active city centre with historic architecture and urban flair. The mighty citadel, which dominates the centre of the city, offers spectacular views. Besides the natural beauty of the rivers and the forested hills, Namur also has a vibrant cultural scene. Home to a respected university, the Facult�s Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, students add a youthful and intellectual aspect to the local population. For exciting jobs in Namur, the job exchange StepStone has listings of vacancies and other work opportunities in the region."