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Jobs in Liege are easier to find with the job exchange portal StepStone. Liege is an important city in the Wallonia province of Belgium, where it is the economic capital of this French speaking region as well as the biggest urban centre. Liege lies snugly in the River Meuse valley, close to the German and Dutch borders with Belgium. Thus, the city enjoys a strategic location and is close and accessible to Maastricht, Paris, Cologne and other Belgian cities that has created impetus for commerce and new job openings. This region is known as the �sillon industriel� or the industrial spine of Wallonia. Gunsmithing has been an important economic activity in Liege from the Middle Ages, and even today the city offers jobs as home to a strong arms industry and the FN Herstal headquarters. This old industrial hub is meeting the challenge of moving into the 21st century. Jobs in Liege can be found in different sectors thanks to greater economic diversification with a focus on space technology, mechanical industries, biotechnology, beer production and information technology. Education also plays an important role in the city's development. Vacancies for jobs in Liege can be found in the science park close to the University of Liege, which spawns lots of academic and research spin-offs and is home to complex technology companies. StepStone makes it simple to find jobs in Liege for professionals."