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Jobs in Hasselt
Jobs in Hasselt have attracted people since the town's founding sometime in the 7th century thanks to its prime location along several ancient trade routes. This is still true today, as multiple major motorways intersect here and link the town to major hubs like Brussels, Antwerp and Liege. The construction of the Albert Canal in the 1930s also served as a boon to jobs in Hasselt and the region. The most famous export from this city is Jenever, a traditional spirit that was a refined precursor to gin. However, today most of the jobs in Hasselt involve the trade and administrative sectors. Job openings at logistics and shipping companies can be found here, and as a result of its location in the centre of Western Europe, there are also vacancies in a number of the firms who have established headquarters or European service centres here. For job-seekers, StepStone is a user-friendly job exchange that provides detailed information about career profiles and available jobs in Hasselt. Besides a complex economy, this city of around 75,000 people is a nice place to call home. The city centre is almost entirely pedestrian, providing residents a quiet and comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors, go shopping and enjoy a coffee or meal at one of the many streetside cafes. One major advantage of having jobs in Hasselt is the city's zero bus fare policy: since 1997 all bus fares are free, which has dramatically decreased car congestion."