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Jobs as a controller require the candidate to manage planning, coordinating as well as reporting on particular activities of big organisations. The main job duties of a controller are to audit accounts and evaluate controls within an organisation. Controllers typically work for companies, government agencies and corporations and they may even be expected to form policies. Most controllers work in the office but may need to travel sometimes if the company has other offices. StepStone is an excellent job portal for individuals who are interested in jobs as controllers. In order to be successful in jobs as a controller, one should be extremely detail oriented and good with numbers. A solid understanding of finance and accounting is vital, so training in these two subjects is mandatory. Some employers prefer to hire candidates who are Certified Public Accountants or Management Accountants. Degrees in budget and cost accounting are also suitable for jobs as controllers. Management experience and statistics are helpful, as they prove useful in evaluating different features of the business. Job openings also ask for good computer and data processing knowledge as a result of the increased use of computers in record keeping and accounting. Candidates who hold a master's degree in accounting or business administration have excellent chances of becoming top-level controllers. Vacancies in positions such as account controllers can be found at the StepStone job exchange for candidates who are qualified in bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing."