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Jobs in Brussels
Jobs in Brussels are always available due to the dynamic nature of this city. As the political centre of the European Union, there are many jobs in Brussels related to governance and law. Along with an army of civil servants from the many European institutions and political entities, these also include writers, translators, diplomats, lobbyists, attorneys, etc. As the capital of Belgium and located in the geographical centre of the EU, Brussels also has many jobs available in the many companies with headquarters here. As around three-quarters of the Belgian economy is based on the service industry, most jobs in Brussels will be in this field. Brussels is an exciting location in which to seek jobs. With beautiful parks and fine architecture, Brussels is often featured in travel guides with panoramas of the Grand Place, the city's most splendid and renowned location. It is an extremely cosmopolitan city with residents representing nations and cultures around the world. As such, there is an amazing amount of diversity when it comes to fashion, dining, and arts. Although cost of living in the city itself can be quite high, many people choose to live in surrounding areas and commute to their jobs in Brussels, which offers a more cost-effective option. StepStone is an easy to use online job exchange that can be of great benefit to those seeking jobs in Brussels, offering positions in a wide range of fields for all skill levels.