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jobs in Antwerp

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Jobs in Antwerp
Jobs in Antwerp abound in this major port city. Located just off the North Sea, it is one of the most active ports in the world and in Europe is second only to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. As an important trading post, many jobs in Antwerp revolve around commercial transactions and the shipping of raw materials and finished goods. Due to the five refineries at its port, Antwerp can also boast of many jobs in its flourishing petrochemical industries. Perhaps one of the city's most elite fields of business is the diamond trade, as the majority of the world's diamonds pass through Antwerp and create many jobs in the processing and sale of these precious gems. For those seeking jobs in Antwerp, the online job exchange called StepStone is a wonderful resource for vacancies in this Belgian city. Antwerp is located in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium and has historically been important both as a centre of trade and of culture. With numerous theatres, an opera house and renowned museums, many people are employed in cultural jobs in Antwerp. The city is full of historic buildings, such as Het Steen, a stone fortification along the River Scheldt. The Guildhouses at the Grote Markt, or large market square, make for a particularly impressive backdrop of Renaissance architecture. Due to the international character of the city, the metropolitan population of over one million is global and multicultural and lends the city an open and cosmopolitan flair."