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    Implementation Manager Power Electronics

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    As owner and operator of electricity transmission networks in Belgium and Germany Elia has an important role and mission in supporting and implementing Europe's energy and climate policy.

    Implementation Manager Power Electronics


    As part of the further development of the high-voltage grid, Elia is now building two HVDC connections: one with the UK (Nemo) and one with Germany (ALEGrO). Other HVDC and FACTS applications may also be launched in future.
    (HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current electric power transmission system
    FACTS   Flexible Alternative Current Transmission System)

    Nemo Link is a joint venture between Elia (BE) & National Grid (UK) that was established for the construction of a HVDC connection between the two countries. This cable connection will be commissioned in early 2019 and will enable the exchange of energy between the mainland and the UK.
    ALEGrO is an Elia-Amprion HVDC connection between Lixhe in Belgium and Oberzier in Germany and will be commissioned in 2020.

    Although these connections are still being built, employees are being recruited now so that they have time to familiarise themselves with this technology, which is new to Elia, and can make use of the learning opportunities that arise during the project stage.

    As Implementation Manager Power Electronics, you will ensure that the operational maintenance teams are trained and prepared to properly perform their new management and maintenance duties and that the required safety and operational procedures and instructions are available in good time. You will also ensure that the necessary expertise is developed to support asset management and the operational teams.

    During each initiative's project stage, the role also includes the following tasks:

    • developing in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the facility (AC, DC, protection systems, operations, and ancillary services such as auxiliary power supply, cooling systems and building services) by:
      • making use of technical documentation and manuals from manufacturers;
      • taking technical courses provided by the manufacturer, in-house experts or external specialist firms;
      • actively participating in the factory acceptance tests (FATs) of the facility's various components;
      • being present during on-site installation and conducting monitoring;
      • being actively involved in the site acceptance tests (SATs) of the facility's various components;
    • ensuring that the safety procedures, operational procedures and work methods applicable to the facilities are developed, approved and made available;
    • making sure that all staff members involved have the required skills to perform testing, operational tasks and maintenance;
    • ensuring the availability of the required courses, such as those for switch officers and local safety officers for HVDC facilities;
    • making sure that an Asset Fleet Strategy is devised, approved and made available;
    • ensuring that the project takes into account the asset manager's maintenance and operational needs;
    • helping to clarify roles and responsibilities within the various departments involved in managing the connection.


    After the various projects have been commissioned, your duties will include the following:

    • taking measures to optimise the long-term availability and reliability of the various facilities as economically as possible;
    • giving expert advice on the operation of the facilities and the action to be taken following incidents;
    • being responsible for contract management, stock management and the monitoring of suppliers and outsourcing partners for all facilities of the HVDC stations and cables;
    • determining and monitoring the required budgets and performing the necessary reporting;
    • ensuring that all activities relating to the various facilities (e.g. operation, preventative and corrective interventions and annual maintenance) are carried out safely, efficiently, punctually and to a high standard;
    • monitoring the management system, maintenance requests (MRs) (and incidents relating to the facilities and helping to continuously improve the management of the facilities;
    • coaching employees from the various teams (e.g. Nemo, ALEGrO) so that they continue to develop optimally as motivated and efficient teams that have all the required skills;
    • reporting at regular intervals and following incidents, corrective interventions and annual maintenance on the condition of the facilities, the measures taken and the repairs performed.



    • You are a civil or industrial engineer, specialising in electronics, energy, electricity or electromechanics, or have equivalent experience.
    • You speak fluent Dutch, French and English.
    • You have 5 to 10 years' experience in the energy sector or experience with power electronics.
    • You communicate easily and assertively, have a practical mindset and are a team player.
    • You have experience in managing a team and working in a matrix environment.
    • You consider safety a priority.
    • You have experience in procurement (writing specifications, analysing offers, managing contracts, monitoring works).
    • You have experience in devising, justifying and monitoring budgets.
    • Experience in the operational management of assets is a bonus.
    • Experience in HVDC, Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and utilities (e.g. HVAC, diesel, firefighting) is an advantage.
    • Experience in high-voltage (subsea) cables (installation/maintenance/seabed surveys) is an asset.

    For more information, surf on www.elia.jobs.

    Feeling energetic or want to power up your career? At Elia, we're always on the lookout for driven professionals who also want to do their bit for society. There are many upsides to working for us. A career where you can make a difference in a fascinating energy landscape, to name but one; plus attractive development opportunities, training, a competitive salary package and an exciting working environment.

    Want to find out more about what Elia has to offer? Click on the photos or watch the film below.


    Feeling energetic or want to power up your career? At Elia, we're always on the lookout for driven professionals who also want to do their bit for society. There are many upsides to working for us. A career where you can make a difference in a fascinating energy landscape, to name but one; plus attractive development opportunities, training, a competitive salary package and an exciting working environment.


    Elia helps its employees to further their careers, for example by means of a personal development plan and assistance with identifying realistic career prospects. This is done under the personal supervision of the employee's line manager and with support from the HR Business Partner, based on a performance management process. We promote both horizontal mobility (job rotation and swaps) and internal promotion. All vacancies are published internally first. Challenging our staff to take responsibility for their own career development is very much in line with our vision.


    At Elia, we see investing in our talent as absolutely essential to cope with the innovations and rapid changes in the energy market. We are a learning organisation that grows with and through its employees.


    To ensure that it offers an attractive salary package, the Elia group takes part in salary studies and adjusts its remuneration policy regularly in accordance with the findings.


    Sport lovers will love Elia! In recent years, Elia employees have taken part in runs, pushed themselves to the limit in classic cycle races, crossed the Col du Galibier, competed in an Ekiden relay race, gone head-to-head in our Elia Trophy and much more. Our site in Schaarbeek even has its own fitness room.


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