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    StepStone - The company

    At StepStone, we have one goal: to accurately match the best candidates with the best companies. And every day, we work towards this goal. It's what we love doing and it's what we're good at.

    Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board businesses in Europe. Together with TotalJobs in the United Kingdom, StepStone operates some of the strongest online job portals with over 37 million visits and more than 310,000 jobs per month. We are also a subsidiary of the top German press group, Axel Springer.

    In Belgium, we're the market leader in recruitment solutions and our priority is to connect great people with great jobs. Let's take a look behind the scenes of the StepStone job site:

    900 employees
    120 of them in Belgium
    15 people dedicated to Customer Service.

    Almost 20 years of experience in online recruitment.

    Subsidary of the Axel Springer AG -
    First German media Group - also owner of

    N°1 jobboard in Candidate Delivery for qualified profiles.
    StepStone - The team

    StepStone is more than just a machine or a website!

    Behind the scenes of our job site, you'll find around 900 employees. 120 of them are in Belgium: enthusiastic people who work very hard to deliver the best possible results for our customers and job-seekers alike.

    This passion is shared and experienced by everyone in the company.

    Present in several countries and located at the heart of Europe, we are a very international company. In the office, English, French and Dutch are what you'll hear most often, but also Spanish, Polish and several other languages. This variety is a strength that we use to learn from each other, to adapt to other users and markets, and grow together.

    HR package:
    StepStone offers an attractive salary package, including a fixed salary, a variable component and the following benefits: meal vouchers, health and group insurance (covers for a pension plan). We also encourage the use of public transport and make it part of our package.

    At StepStone, we also like to mark personal efforts, team achievements as well as global successes. We work hard, but we also like to relax together: annual kick-off meetings, summer barbecues, participating in sports events… at StepStone, we are one!


    StepStone is about finding great jobs for great people, but that's not all...

    You might think that StepStone's values, like those of many other companies, are nothing more than words spoken once a year at a company presentation, or space fillers for annual reports. But you'd be wrong!

    At StepStone, we make a point of putting our corporate values into practice. More than that, they form the foundation of everything we do. They express who we are and what we can be for you.

    Our core values: Talent | Innovation | Integrity | Results

    Talent, our prime value

    We define talent as the right people, in the right place at the right time. Without talent, neither StepStone nor our customers will achieve their ambitions. That's why finding, hiring, developing and keeping talent is our priority at StepStone. We employ talented and social people who love challenges and have an efficient approach to work. Entrepreneurship is very much appreciated and initiatives are encouraged, because every single one of our employees participates in our growth and our success!

    Innovation or changing the way people work

    We believe in innovation to generate results, in both our services and our products. That's why StepStone is constantly seeking out innovations and how to apply them to our company, our people and our business. Our aim is to encourage change and improve the way people work.
    And keeping ahead of the latest technological innovations is also an important part of this process. Our needs remain but technology evolves and it's essential we evolve with it.

    Integrity is about doing the right thing

    At StepStone, integrity is a matter of respect, tolerance and open-mindedness in every situation. First, we listen: to our customers, to our employees, to the market. Then, we act and we take full responsibility for everything we say or do, as individuals, but also as a team and as a company.

    Results matter

    In the end, it's about delivering results. At StepStone, we think this is fundamental! Our drive is focused on delivering concrete results to all our stakeholders - customers, candidates, teams and shareholders - and reaching beyond our expectations.
    And this is also why our management teams (national, international and group management) like to share strategy, goals and achievements with their entire staff. So every one of us knows exactly where the company is heading and how to translate these objectives into concrete actions, on a daily basis.

    Where to find us:

    Koningstraat 47 Rue Royale
    B - 1000 Brussels

    Contact our HR:

    Julie Coomans, recruiter
    Tel. + 32 2 209 98 49

    The StepStone office is located in the heart of Brussels.

    Easily accessible by train, metro and tram, it's just a 5-minute walk from Central Station.
    Close to the shopping area, Brussels Park and walking distance from the historical centre.
    And of course, you'll find a large number of bars and restaurants for lunch and after-work activities.

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