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About Us


Since 2007, the Veepee North journey has started and this is only the beginning of a great story! Want to join a talented team and add your contribution to the fast growing leader in online flash sales in the Benelux? Check out our vacancies!

Our work environment

Young and dynamic! You've often heard it, right? In the meantime, this is exactly what you want! At Veepee North, "Work hard, play hard" is more than words, it is a motto! The team strives to stay the #1 in the Benelux, so it is normal to celebrate the achievements together! Friday drinks, after work events with colleagues, boot camp sessions, all-staff meetings and team buildings...

Everything is there to enjoy a welcoming and friendly environment, such as an informal atmosphere (every day is casual Friday!) and our shared values. Does this sound like your ideal company?


we are

Customer driven & innovative

The satisfaction of our 5 million members is our priority and plays a central role in each project. In a world that is constantly changing, we need to stimulate initiative and risk taking to meet the growing expectations of our members.

we have

Ownership, passion & teamwork

We want to create an environment where the collective success is more important than the individual one. Team spirit is stimulated as much as personal investment and leadership in every project and action. We want you to make a difference to the benefit of our members.

we love

Respect, honesty & loyalty

Mutual respect is the basis of a lasting relationship. Our ambition is to create an environment where honesty, integrity and transparency are key values. We want to invest in a long-term collaboration with our talents, that is why we are offering them continuous training and coaching.

In short

Humaniteitstlaan 292, 1190 Vorst, BE