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About Us

Louvain Bionics at UCLouvain is an interdisciplinary research center gathering research teams from the three sectors of the university, i.e. sciences and technology, health sciences, and humanities. Our mission is to improve patient care by boosting knowledge on how technology can best assist the human body and brain. More specifically, Louvain Bionics’ research goals are to :

  • Improve our understanding of the interaction between the human brain and body and man-made (medical) device;
  • Oversee the design and validation of medical devices prototypes;
  • Address the major societal challenges associated to man-machine interactions.

Louvain Bionics involves researchers with international scientific profiles and research programs already established and funded. The current research activities includes :

  • The investigation of the neural mechanisms involved when humans or animals interact with bionic devices (e.g. prosthesis, augmented reality, etc.).
  • The design and control of robots for the rehabilitation and assistance of upper- and lower-limb action for diverse patient populations.
  • The design and fabrication of custom instruments for surgery and surgical procedures.
  • Clinical research to investigate the feasibility, validation, and efficiency of these devices, for a large palette of patient populations ;
  • The identification and analysis of ethical and legal issues within the human-robot relationship.

In short

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