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Quality Marketing (QM) a service company, active in the commercial development and marketing follow-up of food products, mainly in the Benelux, within the framework of very close partnerships with both a few producers and a few customers.

Objectives :

-) Ensure a high quality administrative and commercial follow-up on a "day to day" basis, while being proactive towards development opportunities and very reactive to events.

-) To be recognized as a real sales and marketing office by our few producer customers in the territory concerned and in daily contact with their customers.

QM, which has been in existence for several decades, is a small stable entity with less than 5 employees. The daily work is done in close collaboration with colleagues, but also with great organizational autonomy... The objective being the result!

QM is located in Zaventem, in a unique setting and a work space as serene as it is pleasant.

In short

Scouselestraat 30, 9140 Temse (Steendorp ), BE
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Quality Marketing BVBA

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