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About Us

Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of animal health, nutrition and specialty chemical products and we account amongst the first 10 animal health company worldwide.

Our headquarters are located in New Jersey, United States of America and we have multiple sites of production as offices in all regions across the globe.

We are selling worldwide more than 1400 product presentations in more than 65 countries.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated every day by members of our team, who like to say, “it’s just what we do” when really… it is who we are. Our broad portfolio of products, backed by in-house manufacturing, innovative research and exceptional service, are the core of our partnerships with farmers and veterinarians. With a growing line of natural, sustainably produced products, we offer responsible solutions to help support the health of all animal species, including cattle, poultry, swine and aquaculture.

In short

Chemin du Stocquoy 3, 1300 Wavre, BE