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Our company Meco Ingredients manufactures and distributes a range of food ingredients for the production of bakery and confectionery products.

Our target customers are producers of finished consumer products, i.e. flour mills, large bread factories, but also catering firms (restaurants).

Our product mix consists of special mixes to improve flour quality, bread improvers, complete mixes for various sorts of dough and pastry, complete powder mixes for creams, and also ingredients for frozen Danish and puff pastry.

Bakeries & confectionery producersworldwide are much concerned about the constant high quality standard of their main ingredients throughout the year, as a solid basis for their final products. Meco has been guaranteeing bakery solutions well adapted to the specific needs of flour processors around the world. Meco assures product quality taylor made to your local needs and delivers enhanced product quality with optimised dough handling, improved water absorption and yield.

Producing good baking mixes is an art requiring years of experience selecting suitable ingredients and assemble them in cost-optimised proportions. Meco has sound experience in assisting its partners with know-how and product solutions that help the mixes perform to the utmost  in various applications and conditions.

If you are interested we can forward a company-leaflet and a summary of the technical specifications of the main products.

We would be much obliged to have the opportunity to respond to any further enquiries you might have,

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