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About Us

Largest Belgian financial technology company
Since 1995, Isabel Group has grown as a Belgian company and as one of the most important providers of multi-bank services for professional users.We have become the largest fintech company in Belgium.

Recognised as ‘trusted market infrastructure’, we are a reliable and solid link between the corporate world, accountancy firms, banks, software suppliers and consumers.
With more than 300 experts and a driven focus on the corporate world, we offer our clients a full range of financial solutions and support at every step on their journey.

Our vision
The financial world is undergoing great changes. There is increasing complexity, competition and compliance.The consequences? Large and small entrepreneurs need to redefine and rediscover who they are and what they offer.Our approach at Isabel Group is to build bridges between all players in your financial value chain. We streamline your financial administration and improve your business processes. This creates a range of new opportunities and possibilities.Isabel Group strives for a leadership role in the development of new and secure infrastructure for the financial markets. We are investing in user-friendly solutions that make financial actions easier—for companies and private citizens.

Our mission
Isabel Group helps your organisation take a step forward by simplifying your administrative processes. You’re then free to put your focus back on your business challenges. Isabel Group ensures the smooth and secure exchange of documents, payments and identities between all the parties in your financial chain by connecting them with each other. In doing so, we create a flawless flow of information and transactions. The result? You gain new insights and make better decisions.
We overcome any problems or issues in your financial processes. And you’re able to pursue your business efficiently and collaborate successfully: with digital, optimally integrated, reliable solutions. Your focus is on your clients and business needs, not on administrative rigmarole. The benefits for you? Lower costs, greater peace of mind and excellent growth.

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