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About Us

Energy is essential to our modern lives, but we rarely ask how it gets to us. Fluxys knows how, because we put energy in motion – today and for tomorrow. Building on our heritage as a gas infrastructure company, we are committed to transporting other carbon-neutral energy carriers of the future.

8 bright facts about Fluxys

  • Fully independent gas infrastructure partner with headquarters in Belgium
  • Strong European presence with our associated companies across Europe: Dunkerque LNG, Fluxys Deutschland, Fluxys TENP, Fluxswiss and Interconnector
  • Fluxys Belgium is a Euronext listed company
  • A growing group of 1,150 bright employees in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore
  • Operator of more than 8,000 km smart gas pipelines in Europe
  • Terminals in Belgium, France and Greece accommodating small and large tankers for liquefied natural gas
  • A buffering capacity for natural gas in our underground storage near Antwerp in Belgium
  • As a purpose-led company we are committed to building a greener energy future for generations to come

At Fluxys we embrace the energy challenge. We are eager to shape, collaborate and innovate towards a carbon-neutral world. Let’s do it together.

In short

Kunstlaan - Avenue des Arts 31, 1040 Etterbeek, BE
Industry sector:
Electricity, Gas & Water Supply

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