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CHEP is a global leader in supply chain logistics employing more than 14,000 people in 60+ countries. More than 300,000 supply chains choose to utilize CHEP products and solutionsto optimize efficiencies and eliminate waste throughout the world. CHEP's "share and reuse" core business offering pioneered the shared and circulareconomies more than 50 years ago.

Today, the company provides consultaitve solutionssurrounding the efficient and sustainable movement of goods-and manages a global pool of 300 million pallets and containers shared and reused by growers, raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to produce, warehouse,transport and merchandise consumer and industrial goods.

As one of four Brambles growth companies, CHEP and Brambles provide you unparalleled opportunities to advance and accelerate your career. You'll be joining an internationalgrowth company with an advantaged business model. Youl'l be working for a company that is changing the way goods get to market. You'll optimize 300,000 supply chains instead of just one. You'll join an efficient and collaborative team who punches above its weight. You'll be working for the good of humanity.

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