About Us

The Caterpillar Logistics Center in Grimbergen is among the best in the world and so are our products. Here, you have the opportunity not only to do your part for sustainable progress but also to develop as a professional.

Our Logistics Center is an indispensable link in the chain. From here we support our supply chain at every turn. Every day, thousands of spare parts leave our warehouse for dealers and customers all over the world. Our Logistics Center is an essential hub for the Middle East, Europe and Africa. We organize the transport to these regions and provide a reliable after-sales service.

Working at Caterpillar? If you do, you’ll be working with us and our customers to build a better world. And that’s something we’re very proud of. Working at Caterpillar means growing and learning every day. That’s how we move forward together.

You will work at the Logistics Center in Grimbergen. There, our entire team ensures that we provide reliable, top-quality products. And your job? To contribute to our strong brand. Because at Caterpillar, everyone is an indispensable link in the logistics chain.

Working with us?

  • Opportunities to develop
    We offer many opportunities to grow based on experience, skills and interests.
  • Learn something new every day
    With the right training and on-the-job support, we move forward together – every single day.
  • Teamwork guaranteed
    Everyone is a link in the logistics chain. We work as one team towards the same goal.
  • Connection with the world
    Every day, we have contact with customers and colleagues all over the world. Now that’s an international job.
  • Strong and reliable brand
    We are known for our reliable, top-quality products. And that will never change.
  • Building progress
    Our customers use our products to build a better world in a sustainable way. That’s a satisfying thought.

In short

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