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About Us

BBF Serviced Apartments has been the market leader in furnished apartments in Belgium for more than 25 years. We are a dynamic company whose portfolio of properties is expanding every year.Our largest offer (about 1700 apartments) is located in Brussels but we are also active in other provincial cities such as Antwerp. We also have a small department in Budapest.Our tenants are mainly foreign businessmen who are employed in Belgium for short or long periods of time. Besides international companies and SMEs, diplomatic institutions, embassies and consulates, Nato and EU institutions are almost daily customers of BBF.In Brussels we have four strategically located commercial offices (including one in-house at Nato HQ itself).Due to the constant growth in premises, we are constantly looking for commercial multilingual employees.BBF is synonymous with working with and between internationals.

In short

Avenue de Roodebeek 78 bte 9, 1030 BRUSSEL, BE
Industry sector:
Real Estate