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Willing to push the boundaries with us for a more sustainable world?

Thanks to the daily commitment of our more than 11.000 employees, BNP Paribas Fortis aims to be a responsible and sustainable leader and the preferred partner of our clients over the long term. Being the bank for a changing world means accompanying them through the changes they experience on a daily basis to help them achieve their projects. It also means reconciling our customers’ individual, collective and professional challenges to build a more sustainable world together.

The world, our environment, individuals and companies are changing. Needs and products are evolving. Technologies are transforming our operating model and how we interact with our customers to be more digital and more client-focused. Our bank is also committed to increase its positive impact on society. All over Belgium, our employees are contributing to the real economy. They help individuals, businesses, community organisations and institutions to realise their plans and find tangible solutions to concrete problems while supporting them in their sustainable transition.

Are you ready to help our clients to succeed in their projects and take up the challenges they face? Join the BNP Paribas Fortis adventure and be part of a changing world!

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Being able to showcase our differences is one of the key elements of our commitment and of the collective success of our company. We value diversity and inclusion, as we strongly believe that diverse teams are more flexible, more creative and better at adapting to change. In other words, they perform better.

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