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Founded in France in 1844, Eiffage is involved in the construction industry, real estate development, civil engineering, metallic construction, road construction, and concessions. As a supplier of highly complex, prestigious engineering structures - and as a company that carries out renovation projects - Eiffage is committed to facing the challenges of the current world and is a leading innovator in the field of sustainable development. Since its earliest days, Eiffage has prided itself on being both an ecologically and socially responsible partner. The company is an active participant in its community and works hard to foster social advancement and create equal opportunity.
Over the years, Eiffage has constructed a number of well-known physical and cultural landmarks including: the Tancarville Bridge, once the longest suspension bridge in Europe, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Jakarta airport, and the Louvre Pyramid. The company boasts a worldwide workforce of 64,000 and undertakes 100,000 projects per year across the globe.

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