Tips for online applications

When you find an interesting job, you are usually able to apply in different ways. You can send a letter or email, however, in many cases, you can use an online application form.


Applying via an online application form is one of the fastest, easiest and most efficient ways to put yourself forward for a job. Here is some more information and a few tips!

Useful facts about online application forms:

  • It is often easier for companies if you fill in their online application form. Many companies use a system that stores the data from applicants. If companies provide an online application form, use it. Some companies may ask you to still fill in the online form even though you send your application via email. This provides them with all data in one database which allows them to follow up the applications more easily.
  • Job sites will ask you to create an account and/or CV to apply online. If you do not have an online CV, it is definitely worth writing one. It may be slightly time consuming but may come in handy for possible future applications via the same site. In that case, you will only have to adjust your motivational letter.
  • Even if you get a negative answer to your application using the website of the company, the time spent filling the form in has not been wasted. In many cases, you are able to save your data in the database of the company and they may contact you at a later date for a different position.
  • Often you are given the option to add a motivational letter or statement to the online application form. This is your chance to make yourself stand out from the other candidates; it is definitely worth taking this opportunity. You can read our tips for motivational letters again in this article.
  • Many sites have a Help section or FAQ with their application form which contains useful information that will help you when applying. It is advisable to read this page to make sure you correctly fill in the form.


A few tips:

  • Make sure your CV is up to date.

If you are able to attach a CV in word or pdf format, take the opportunity. You could adapt your CV to the position that you are applying for by highlighting your education or previous experience. You can find our tips for a successful CV in this article.

  • Focus sufficiently on your application.

Applying online is fast but it is important that it is done well. An application form is quickly sent; therefore reread it so that there are no mistakes.

  • Think carefully about your motivation.

If you state your motivation in the application form, spend sufficient time on it and do not be tempted by writing only a few short sentences. Write what you would normally state in a letter or email, using the same form of address as used for an application. Address the recruiter and correctly close the letter.

  • Fill in all fields of the form.

This provides the company with all required information about you. Are you afraid that you will not stand out from other candidates? Definitely make sure to use the fields that allow for free text. This will give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates with the same degree or experience.

  • Fill in the form as accurately as possible.

Is your degree not on the list of degrees to choose from? Choose the degree that is most similar to yours. You can often provide further information about your degree further down. You can also choose the option ‘Other’ if available, however, you run the risk of being missed out when an automatic selection is used.

  • Make a note of your login and password

Remember or write down your login information so it is easily accessible next time.

Hopefully our tips will help you find your perfect job. Good luck!

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Receive jobs by e-mail

Would you like to receive jobs that are relevant for you in your inbox? Set your criteria and maybe you’ll find your dreamjob in your inbox this week already!