Personality test: honesty pays off

Here are a few tips from StepStone to get through the personality test.

Companies are not only looking for people with a good knowledge of the subject, they are also looking for a specific personality. This is why many companies ask you to do a personality test before your initial interview. Many people find this a bit frightening, but you should not be put off. There are no right or wrong answers, you just need to answer the questions asked as honestly as possible. Here are a few tips from StepStone to get through the personality test:


•    In most personality tests, you have to say what you would do in specific situations. Try to answer as spontaneously as possible. In most cases, the first response is the best.

•    It is very important to be honest. There is no point trying to conceal your real personality as most tests are designed to trap you. For example, the same time of answers are repeated but with different formulations, so that the companies can check the reliability and coherence of your answers.

•    A lot of people tend to give the “socially acceptable” answers. They choose the answers which give a good impression of them, but they do not always reflect reality and sometimes contradict one another. For example, they might opt for the response “I am always ready to help others,” instead of: “I want a career at any price”. There is no point trying to go against what you really think, the company which receives your results will always notice that you have not been honest.

•    Generally, you have no time constraints when completing the test. But if your answers are spontaneous, it should not take too long to do.

•    Do not come back to your answers. Given that it is preferable to answer spontaneously, it is better not to come back to them. But if you realise that your response was not the same when the questions were very similar, it is better to review your answers. First impressions are often right!

•    If you are not sure about a question, try to think back to a situationyou have experienced and your state of mind at the time. How would you have reacted? This will help you choose the answer which fits best.

•    Have you recently had a negative experience at work or in your private life? Try not to dwell on it while you are completing this test, your state of mind could have a strong influence on the results.

•    Don’t forget that you are doing this test because you are applying for a job. So try to answer by imagining the situations in a professional context, not a private one. During your free time, you may well react differently to certain situations than you would do at work. Your future employer is more interested in getting to know you on a professional level.

•    Remember that these tests are not about demonstrating your intelligence. They simply reflect an image of your personality. For example, they can show your future employer whether you are more a leader or a follower.

•    Personality tests are completely different to psychotechnic tests, numerical intelligence tests, management tests, etc. These other tests effectively have right and wrong answers, they do not reflect an image of your personality.

We wish you all the best in your job search!


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