Recruitment white papers

StepStone regularly polls the market to keep up to date with the latest recruitment trends. As well as sharing this information with anyone interested in the latest trends, we use the results from our surveys to help us react quickly to changes in the market, and to keep improving our products and services. But perhaps more importantly, we aim to distil useful conclusions and top tips for our customers to help you in your recruitment efforts.

IT profiles: How to attract the crème de la crème?


In the age of new technologies and of ever more powerful solutions coming on stream, the recruitment of IT specialists has become a serious concern for many an employer.

July 2015 – READ MORE

Employer branding: Your weapon in the war for talent


Investing in employer branding is absolutely essential these days. To keep growing, your corporate image must be strong enough to attract and retain employees. Find out how to successfully manage your image to help you get  more out of your recruitment process.

November 2014 – READ MORE

Summertime recruiting

Summertime recruiting

Even if recruiting new staff is far from your mind during the typically quiet summer season, there are clear advantages to hiring people at this time of year. As we are slowly but surely beginning to face labour market shortages again, it really is all about making hay while the sun shines.

July 2014 – READ MORE


Recruiting in SMEs


Smaller companies often don’t have a dedicated HR manager, and entrepreneurs may not have the knowledge and experience needed to focus on the ins and outs of recruitment. This paper gives you a number of pointers to help you turn your recruitment process into a successful exercise.

June 2014 – READ MORE


The candidate journey

candidate journey

The candidate journey from job search to hiring may be a simple one-way trip or a complex journey that involves navigating many obstacles.In this report, StepStone shows how the journey differs for people across Europe according to their age and profile. It also discusses what employers can do to increase their chances of attracting the best candidates.

April 2014 – READ MORE


Recruiting engineers

White Paper Engineer 2014

Engineers take their time finding a job that suits them. It seems that the path towards work does not run equally smoothly for all engineers. You will read more about this, and some other interesting statistics in this white paper.

May 2014 – READ MORE