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5 tips for getting job seekers to see your online job advert on StepStone

When you post a job advert on StepStone, your main objective is to reach the right job seekers, those who are interested in your job advert. You don’t waste your time sending refusal letters to unqualified job seekers. We have some tips that can help.

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Anatomy of a good recruiter

As a recruiter, you undoubtedly spend much of your time analysing and examining in great detail the behaviour, skills and personality of your candidates… So what about reversing the roles for a change? Whether you are interested in starting a career in recruitment or are already an industry professional looking to improve your skills, here’s a quick overview of the qualities and skills needed by a good recruiter.

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Efficient recruitment in 5 steps

Are you shorthanded at work? Has the departure of a colleague left a gaping hole? Time for new blood! But how do you find the right person to fill the vacancy?

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SMEs: five steps for optimal recruitment

While multinationals and big businesses have a huge army of specialists entirely dedicated to recruiting new talent, small businesses may feel at a disadvantage when they want to expand their workforce. <br />Here are some tips to help you negotiate the difficult and treacherous pathway to finding the right candidate.

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The 5 skills of the recruiter 2.0.

Influenced by technological advances, recruitment techniques have largely developed over recent years, and at the same time so have the skills of recruiters. In this context, what does the recruiter 2.0 need to do nowadays in effective response to these developments?

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Tips for copywriting your online job advert

You’ve got the job description and you’ve decided on the right channels to post your advert. Now it’s time to write an attractive, compelling advert. We’ve put together some pointers on how to write copy specifically for job adverts.

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Tips for setting up a killer online job advert

You want to reach job seekers with the right profiles and get them to apply to your company. That’s not as easy as it sounds. We’ve put together some top tips to help you write killer job adverts.

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Annelies Kampert – HR Officer Belux , Altimate

“The figures speak for themselves: in less than two months StepStone found us this scarce profile. “

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