Frequently Asked Questions


On this page you will find all the most frequently asked questions about StepStone.

  • How does StepStone work?

    You can publish your job vacancies on StepStone. We can put your job online for you or you can publish it yourself. Either way, it will be on the website within 24 hours. Each job remains online for 30 days.

    Not a StepStone client yet? You have two options: 

    Post your job online yourself as an 'online order'. Follow five simple steps, then receive a confirmation when your job is online.

    Ask StepStone to post your job for you. Use our contact form or call our sales team on +32 2/209 98 98.

    Already have a StepStone account? You have three options: 

    Post your job online yourself using 'order online'. Follow five simple steps, then receive a confirmation when your job is online.

    Post your job online yourself, through your StepStone account. Your job will then appear online immediately.

    Call your dedicated StepStone contact person or call +32 2/209 98 98

    Whichever option you choose, your job will also be sent to a selection of candidates who match the profile.


  • How do I receive applications?

    You can consult applications received through StepStone using your StepSone account. You will be sent the login and password details by email. From here, you can also re-post the job online and access other functions.

    You can also choose to have all applications sent to you by email or through your own system.

  • Who can help if I have questions or problems?

    For practical questions about your contract, contact your permanent contact person at StepStone.

    For practical questions about posting your jobs online, please call our client service team on +32 2/209 98 98.

  • How do I post a job?

    You can post a job online yourself using an online order. Entering all the information takes five simple steps, and your job will be online within 24 hours. You don’t need a StepStone account to do this, it will be created for you.
    If you have a contract with StepStone, you can set up new jobs in your account. Select the template that you want to use, add your logo and choose the text colour. You can then start adding the text for the job advertisement in the appropriate fields. You can preview the job at any time to see how it will look online.
    Choose the categories you want your job to appear in; candidates who search in these categories will then find your job. Add information about your company, and don't forget the contact details.
    If you prefer, we can post your jobs online for you. There is a surcharge for this service.

  • What if I want to post more than one job online?

    You can post as many jobs online as you like, but it is better to contact someone at StepStone first. Please call +32 2 209 98 98 to be put through to your contact person; he or she will work with you to see which solution has the most value and is the most efficient for you. You do not have to post your jobs online manually, we can do it for you.

  • Who will put my job online?

    The choice is yours! 

    • You can post your own job online as an online order,
    • You can post your own job using your StepStone account
    • OR: We can post it for you.
  • What will my job look like?

    This is mostly up to you, as you can choose between a standard template, a personalised template, or a template that is fully customised to your brand.. 

    You also decide the length of the job description for yourself. While in newspapers you are bound by certain rules about the length of the text, here you have complete freedom.

    Find out more about the different job listings templates

  • How long will my job stay online?

    Your job will normally be online for 30 days, though shorter periods are also possible. 

    You can take your job offline whenever you wish, whether you posted it with an online order or from your StepStone account.

    If you have an account, you can retrieve jobs after they have been taken offline, view statistics, re-post your job online and so on.

  • How long will it take for my job to appear online?

    If you have a StepStone account, you can post your job online immediately. If you use an online order or ask us to post your job for you, it will be online within 24 hours (Monday to Friday, 0900–1700) following confirmation of your order.

  • How do I pay?

    You can decide for yourself how to pay for an online order: by invoice or with a credit card.
    If you get in touch with us and sign a contract, you can pay by invoice.

  • How do candidates find my jobs?

    You post your jobs in the relevant categories. Candidates searching for jobs in those categories will see your jobs in their results lists. Your job will also be sent to candidates who have the correct profile, through our Job Agent. 

    The latest jobs always appear at the top of the results list. Your job can also be placed again at the top of the result list or sent again with the Job Agent if it is already online. 

    For more information, please get in touch with your StepStone contact person on +32 2 209 98 98.

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