NEW: E-mail your jobs to the freshest and most active candidates


The StepStone Email Push is a fast, convenient and cost efficient way to send your job ad directly to the right candidates.
It allows you to e-mail a standard or personalised job online on StepStone to up to five hundred of the freshest and most active candidates matching the profile sought.

Your advantages at a glance

  • You quickly and easily increase the number of visits on a job posted on StepStone
  • An exclusive and personalised e-mail to give a clear overview of your job
  • No design work needed
  • You target the freshest & most active candidates
  • You reach candidates matching your criteria

So don’t wait longer to boost your recruitment results! The Email Push is the ideal solution if you want to reach specific profiles or if you have urgent recruitment needs.

Your Email Push in 4 easy steps

1. Filters: we select relevant active candidates in our database

2. Creation: we produce the email for you

3. Approbation: the e-mail proof will be provided for you sign off 24 hours before broadcast date

4. Sending of the Email Push: we send the e-mail to the target audience


Book in advance and allow 5 working days for production

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Example of Email Push: