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Why not take advantage of your job hunt to help our planet?
This year, by uploading your CV on StepStone via this page, you will also plant a tree!

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How does it work ?

  1. Click on the button “Upload your CV & Plant a tree”
  2. Create an account or log in if you already have one
  3. Upload your (new) CV
  4. Make it visible for recruiters

And that’s it! We will plant a tree on your behalf!

Why us?

At StepStone Belgium, we put a great focus on sustainability.
While we already do our best by reducing the heat in the office, printing less, recycling, and listening to the initiatives of our Green Team on a daily basis, we wanted to do MORE in 2021. As 2020 has been a very tough year for a lot of workers and jobseekers, we decided to do something to help you and our planet. That’s why we chose to plant one tree for each CV uploaded on StepStone*. To do this, we are supporting Reforest’Action in 2 of their projects in Belgium.

Why in Belgium?

Less than 25% of the Belgian territory is covered by forests. While there is no deforestation in Belgium, our forests are unfortunately severely affected by diseases and insect attacks, especially bark beetles. It is therefore necessary to support our national forests.

Both in Orval and Beho, the plots concerned by the project were until now monospecific, meaning that only one variety of trees, here spruce, was planted. This method can cause several issues: impoverishment of the soil, loss of biodiversity and increased risk of biological attack by insects. Forests managed in this way are also more sensitive to bad weather conditions.

These 2 forest plots are perfect examples of the problems associated with monoculture, as they were both devastated by bark beetles. These insects can kill trees within 2 to 4 weeks, by cutting off their water and food supply.

Uploading your CV on StepStone is very beneficial for your job search:

A well-completed CV will enable you to receive job offers that match your profile.
By making your CV visible, recruiters will be able to contact you directly if your profile fits with their searches.

How is this action helping?

1500 tons of CO2 stored
30.000 shelters for animals created
40.000 months of oxygen generated
10.000 hours of work created

Want to follow the progress?

It’s possible! Visit this page once in a while to find updates on the projects.
You can also check out our page on Reforest’Action and follow us on our social media for pictures and videos!

Upload your CV & Plant a tree Action in support of

With thanks to our partners:

*Disclaimer: 1 tree will be planted for each CV uploaded with a limit of 10.000 trees. Multiple CV-uploads by the same person or account do not add to the tree count and do not oblige StepStone to plant a tree.