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43 results for Assistant jobs

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              Jobs as an Assistant

              Jobs as an assistant are available in almost every field. Assistant positions are often required for those whose jobs require a great deal of organisation and/or responsibility. In the business world, jobs as an assistant may include helping a manager by compiling reports, doing research or filtering emails and correspondence. Other assistant jobs might include secretarial work, such as answering the telephone, organising calendars and schedules, and running errands. In creative industries an interior designer's assistant, for example, may be put in charge of finding suitable accessories or a certain piece of furniture at a reasonable price. Jobs as an assistant are not only available as entry-level positions. Sometimes these positions require a great deal of training and/or education. A dental assistant, for example, has job duties that necessitate dental schooling and extensive knowledge about biological processes. Regardless of the field, an assistant must be communicative, have excellent organisational skills, be able to comprehend instructions quickly, and be effective with time management.No matter which field of work one may be interested in, jobs as an assistant can be found on an online job exchange. One such service is provided by StepStone, which serves as an intermediary between employers looking for assistants and those seeking such positions. Job openings as an assistant are often filled quickly due to the number of applicants. For this reason, special training or education in the respective field as well as experience can help applicants get ahead.